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    forum gratuit

    OZN-urile, extratereştrii, şi interesul lor pentru morţii din cimitire

    In jos

    OZN-urile, extratereştrii, şi interesul lor pentru morţii din cimitire

    Mesaj  Admin la data de Sam Aug 18, 2012 11:17 am

    Un scurt fragment, deosebit de interesant, de pe site-ul

    "The witnesses were stunned by what happened next: the turtle-shaped luminous
    object descended to approximately six feet off the ground as it shone its lights
    towward the graveyeard. One of the men (identified by author Teets only as
    "Leonard Jr."), recalls that the object's lights projected into a day-old grave at the
    cemetery. Rev. DeLeurere allegedly mentioned that it would be a good idea to
    exhume the body in the new grave to check for signs of disturbance. "It seems
    like every time there was a new grave, within the next couple of nights, people
    would see lights up there."
    Seeing the events through the prism of early 90's abduction research, the author
    suggests the interesting possibility that the UFOs were engaged in the business of
    retrieving alien implants from the bodies interred on Nethken Hill.
    Scientific Curiosity or Unhealthy Interest?
    Why are UFOs (whatever their origin) interested in our final resting places? What
    could they stand to gain from such pursuits? Trying ascribe reason to an utterly
    unreasonable phenomenon leads us to consider that "alien scientists" can glean
    important biological information from the deceased, or as suggested in the West
    Virginia scenario, we are witnessing a cleanup operation aimed at removing
    implants left in the bodies of long-time abductees."

    Intraţi pe site şi citiţi despre cazuri deosebit de interesante !

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