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Film titrat cu explicaţii privind OBE (out of body experience), decorporarea, extracorporalizarea

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Film titrat cu explicaţii privind OBE (out of body experience), decorporarea, extracorporalizarea

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un site util care oferă date suplimentare :


William Buhlman's Exploration Mindset NEW View the Actions of an Effective Explorer

During out-of-body exploration we confront many interesting
experiences; these include vibrational state fears, thought forms, self
made and external energy creations, contact with non-physical
inhabitants and countless other issues. However, the single most
pervasive issue we experience is our own indoctrinated mindset and
state of consciousness. Our perception of reality is distorted by a
collection of falsehoods and beliefs and complicated even further by
our grossly inaccurate form based self-image. Our ability to effectively
explore thought responsive realities is often blocked by our own
conscious and subconscious mind.
I feel the single most important issue we confront in out-of-body
exploration is our ability to create and maintain the ideal mind set.
During every experience we carry with us our individual mental baggage
including our subconscious fears and limits. Over the years I have come
to realize that this is a critical issue that is seldom addressed. The
following perceptions are the result of my four decades of out-of body
experiences and this knowledge has greatly assisted me in my personal
explorations and my daily life. I question everything and assume
nothing. I have found that all beliefs, all three dimensional and linear
assumptions and our own self conception create serious anchors to our
progress. The enclosed list is my personal reality precepts - please
accept or reject, as you feel fit.
1. I am pure consciousness. I possess no form or three-dimensional
structure. I have the ability to manifest and use different energy forms
for my expression and education. I realize I am not humanoid or any
other form-based concept.
2. I am immortal, creative and powerful; nothing seen or unseen can
harm me or block my path.
3. I shape, mold and interpret all realities. I create my reality both in
and out of body. I accept complete responsibility for all my energy
creations. I'm the creative writer, director and actor in every drama I
experience. My consciousness uses form like a master puppeteer.
4. I am an explorer of consciousness. I seek the answers to life's
mysteries and refuse to settle for manmade beliefs or conclusions. By
expanding my explorations inward beyond all form-based realities I
possess the innate ability to obtain the answers.
5. I remain open to my unlimited potential and independent from all
man-made beliefs, religions and consensus reality conclusions. I am not
a member of any group or religion. The truth is not manmade.
6. I perceive with my consciousness. My natural perception is 360
degrees. I remain alert that I actively color, shape and mold my
perceptions of reality. All the realities I encounter are interpreted by my
mind. My consciousness is highly interactive in all energy
7. I remain calm in the face of intense energy shifts and
manifestations. To the best of my ability I remain detached and neutral
to the various energies that I encounter, mold or create. As much as
possible I am the objective, dispassionate observer of the unfolding
imagery, concepts, forms and dramas that I experience.
8. I accept, embrace and enjoy the vibrational state and all the
associated OBE related energy phenomena. I surrender it; I allow it to
expand through every layer of my being. I love the intensity and variety
of the vibrational state. During all altered states and vibrational state
phenomena I remain completely calm and non analytical. I allow the
energies to expand and flow through me.
9. OBEs are natural and essential for my spiritual growth. My
conscious OBEs dramatically accelerate my personal growth. I am open
to and expect profound experiences both in and out of body.
10. I create and maintain a designated out-of-body exploration area in
my home separate from the bedroom. I expect results in this focused
11. I possess no limits; I can move, expand and express my conscious
awareness without limit. I create the limits or blocks that I experience
so I can dissolve them.
12. I control and prolong my OBEs and my state of consciousness by
using focused powerful commands; Awareness Now! Higher Self Now!
Next Level Now! Clarity Now!
13. I demand to experience my Higher Self whenever possible. I expect
immediate results and clear answers now! As much as possible I
surrender to my Higher Self, to my inner guidance. I trust my Higher
Self for I am my guide.
14. I currently maintain and operate a personal energy vehicle (body)
within every dimension of the universe. I have the natural ability to
shift my conscious awareness throughout these energy bodies and
experience and explore without limit. I travel the inner path within me.
I experience and explore the entire multidimensional universe within
myself. External motion and energy forms are unnecessary. The direct
path to self-knowledge and self-realization is within me
15. To the best of my ability I identify, confront and resolve my fears
both in and out of the body. I fully realize that my fears will manifest as
form-based energy during my OBEs. I actively seek to dissolve all the
energy blocks I experience.
16. I reject the entire premise of beliefs. I can only truly know
something based upon my personal experience. The key to self-
knowledge is to expand my experience and not my beliefs. I realize that
false and distorted beliefs create the blocks I experience. I jettison all
manmade beliefs and refuse to be a mental slave to the consensus
mindset in any reality. Attaching me to manmade conclusions and
beliefs acts to distort my perception and blocks my progress. I
aggressively examine and purge all non-confirmed conclusions,
concepts, ideas, and beliefs from my mind. The lighter I am the further
inward I experience.
17. All form-based realities are temporary energy constructs. Form is
created and shaped by consciousness and function as vehicles and
expressions of consciousness. I seek to experience and comprehend the
true source of all realities.
18. The key to initiating conscious OBEs is daily practice with persistent
and focused intention.
19. Attempting to comprehend and navigate the multidimensional
universe using any man-made conclusion, belief system or religion as a
guide leads only to extreme self-delusion, recurring blocks and
deception. I follow my inner wisdom, my higher self. I am the path I
20. To uncover the truth of my existence I must explore beyond the
facade of form. True reality and answers exist beyond the three
dimensional energy forms of the astral and physical dimensions. I
experience the higher realities deep within me.
21. I am open and expect new and enlightening experiences both in
and out of body. I encourage and embrace radical and rapid change. I
remain completely open to experience accelerated personal growth.
Mental stagnation and rigid thought patterns are not an option.
22. The key to accurate perception and answers is to examine and
cleanse the lens of my mind so I am free from the false beliefs and
consensus self-deception that dominates all form based realities. Clear
perception is essential and my complete responsibility.
23. The answers are always present; it is I that creates and maintains
any blocks that I experience. I take complete responsibility for my life
and my experiences both in and out of my body.
24. My experiences both in and out of body provide the lessons I
designed for my education. I always dig for the unseen reason and
purpose behind my experiences.
25. During all my OBEs I inwardly demand "Awareness Now!" and I
expect immediate results. I consciously magnify and intensify my
intentions. I fully realize I possess the unlimited creative power to
create my reality and I expect instant results and clear answers.
"Awareness Now" is my focused intention and my silent mantra.
26. I have the ability to navigate, observe and explore the entire
multidimensional universe and timeline. All is available to me.
27. I focus on the now for I can only create and manipulate my reality
in the present moment. Now is the focal point of all my creative energy.
My access to immense creative power dwells in the now. All is now.
28. I confirm the authenticity of all the life forms and realities I
encounter; I assume nothing and question everything. I look beyond the
dense facade for I realize that form is not reality; it is but an expression
and tool of consciousness.
29. I realize I must jettison all of my current preset mental judgments;
this includes all the human concepts I take for granted including good
and evil, ugly and beautiful, right and wrong. True reality has no
30. I recognize the importance of transcending all external methods of
perception and this includes the powerful perception tool of my mind.
Transcending the mind is essential in order to truly perceive and
experience objective reality and experience the profound nature of my
Higher Self.
31. I have found it extremely helpful to maintain a detailed OBE and
dream journal. It helps to condition and open my mind to accept and
experience multiple realities.
32. Confronting and dissolving the energy manifestations of my own
fears, limits and blocks are essential for my spiritual growth. There are
no negative experiences, only energy manifestations I don't currently
33. I don't waste my energy promoting or defending my perceptions of
reality. I realize that those of us that know from experience will
34. Above all, persistence is the most important attribute we possess.
Daily practice and positive focused intention is the essential key. Expect
the profound.
This knowledge has served me well for decades. In fact it took me two
decades to comprehend the staggering exploration abilities we possess.
Each of us has an important choice; we can accept a host of manmade
illusions and play the great form based shell game or we can decide to
move inward and experience a more expansive reality. I have found the
countless worlds of form to be an immense maze of deception, if you
truly desire answers it is essential to go beyond the facade of the
physical and astral dimensions. Ultimately we are drawn inward for the
Each of us is a courageous explorer that has boldly entered the
epidermis of the universe. Now our quest is to become effective
explorers of consciousness and travel the path back home.
I would recommend that you create your own ideal mindset exploration
list. The very process of writing your own list can be mind expanding.
Do it today.
All my best,

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